Welcome to an ocean of new emotions

New world

Saturate your taste buds in pleasure

Far out

Go where none have gone before

New world

Saturate your taste buds in pleasure

No limits

Explore extreme zones

Feel the taste

Find your own island


Build your own empire

“A decade ago, a group of friends had a dream of producing a drink that would hypnotize you at first sip. We were all bored of the mainstream. The journey started in German labs, but the result came from the heavens! We DoubleDare you to try it!”

Sherif Soliman CEO, MixTender Beverages 

Seven flavours, seven islands, seven worlds.
Cruise on the DoubleDare deck. You can choose between seven non-earthly pleasures. Or don’t choose! Try them all!
Wonderful Watermelon

The island looks like a green horizon, skipper doesn’t know where to dock, every inch is slippery, you have to anchor and take a dive from beneath. Dig the green surface of the sphere then slide in slowly, easy does it. No need to squeeze, once in, wait for the pink fountain to lift you up to the top, it’s the charm of watermelon world. Do you dare? DoubleDare!

Tropical Treat

With the first step you take on this island’s shore, you start feeling the challenge. Your heart starts pounding to match a new rhythm — a fast yet long lasting sensation with tropical aromas. Some choose to paddle around the island, dipping their fingers into warm waters. Others accept the dare and explore unknown lands in full thrust. Which one are you?


You love to double dare? Raise the stakes and double the bet. You love to double dip? Be brave and have a sip. Make it pause then get it arose, that’s the trick, you can suckle it one by one, but use your finger to trigger the fun. Pull it, use your lips, when it grows, that’s your sign to make it slip. Do you dare?

Lovely Lemon

This island is ruled by Her Royal Highness Queen Lemoness. Her Royal Guards always hold their tickling spears. You will need to challenge them to reach the searing vigour of the embrace of Queen Lemoness. You need a hint! There’s a spy, his name is Mint. We DoubleDare you!

Crazy Coconut

There’s a long and slender tree on one side of the island. The gifts she gives look curious at first. Tough on the outside, with persistent efforts you reach the milky goodness within. Be gentle and you’ll never reach it. Strong hands is what is needed, and intense joy follows. She DoubleDares you!

Coffee Chocolate

It’s A LOVE TRIANGLE, The three of you can decide; how, where or when, so be cool. The strength & the softness of your dark wishes will mingle together to lift you on the softest floating island of pleasure. Miss Coffee & Miss Chocolate will get on your lips, do you dare tickle them with your tongue???

Cracking Caramel

Only two inhabitants reside on this island: Mr Malt and Miss Caramel. Mr Malt is a show off by nature, but Miss Caramel always brings his feet back to the ground with her tender sweetness. Their little hut is up by a small lake at island’s tip. Once you’re there you must have a sip of Miss Caramel. But beware of Mr Malt, as he comes with a kick!

Tasting is believing

DoubleDare is something different. Whether on the beach, in a club, in the humdrum of city life, DoubleDare is a reminder of new horizons.

We went back to the drawing board, and then threw it out the window. We wanted adventure, and to offer something that has never been offered before. DoubleDare is the result. We’re done with the old. Here is the new!

"I foretell that upon Earth will come a great flood in five colours, with fury upon the tastebuds! Thus the world will end! At least the boring world!"

− Nostradamus, fortune-teller

"Not tonight, Josephine! You can tell the Spanish Armada I'm washing my hair! I have a rendezvous with Queen Lemoness. It will change world history!"

− Napoleon Bonaparte, diminutive dictator

"If I'd had this, you know, I wouldn't have had to write, you know, a song about world peace ... You know? Imagine? Ain't no need, luv! Here it is!"

− John Lennon, ex-Beatle

DoubleDare Universal Declaration

“We solemnly believe in equal and fair rights for everyone. Thereby we request and require in the name of all Majesty that all those whom it may concern allow all peoples of Planet Earth, without let or hindrance, and afford such assistance as may be necessary, to access and enjoy our revolutionary and magical elixirs of emotion and sensation!”

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